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About Us


St George's Youth and Community Association is a small charity run by and for local people. Our vision is to provide a thriving community centre in which a variety of educational, social, leisure and recreational activities take place, meeting the needs of all ages and abilities in the local community. 

We aim to increase volunteering across the city by providing residents with an opportunity to develop skills at the Centre, in a variety of roles, e.g. management committee roles, youth, play work, cooking, community work and being involved in partnership working. 

Our mission is to support the community today and in the future. Hence, we continue to offer a wide variety of activities to develop local residents health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally, through yoga, zumba, walking group, helping with volunteering, training and development, debt advice and through engagement in partnership building the confidence of local people and young people to have a say in the decisions that impact on their lives. 

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