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The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT) is a charity that makes life more affordable for people on a low income.

We are a charity based in Manchester and we are trying to help people and families to get by. With support from the team at St. Georges Community Centre M40, we are in your area.

It’s really easy to sign up to TBBT…

How it works?

Save over £25 a week on your shopping.


Step 1 - Send us a text to 07860 063 304 with your full name, your postcode and the name of your hub (St. Georges) and we will get in touch.

Step 2 - Select the size of order you want to receive. A typical family order would be £7, an individual would be £3.50. An extra large family would be £14.


Step 3 - We’ll send you a text every Sunday to see if you want an order. All you have to do is reply “YES” to the text by 10:00 Monday and we’ll deliver your order to St. Georges Community Centre, Bothwell Road on Tuesday.


Step 4 - Collect your goods from your hub (St. Georges)

Send us a text to 07860 063 304 to get your first delivery free

Drop us a line and try it out. There is no commitment, if you want an order just reply to the weekly text you receive on the day you get it.


Tuesdays | 14:30 - 15:00


At St. Georges hub

Bothwell Road, Collyhurst, Manchester M40 7NY

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What to expect?

A typical order is three shopping bags, one of fridge goods, one of cupboard goods and one full of fruit and veg, this costs £7. The goods can change slightly depending on what is available on the day.


Most members tell us that they tend to collect food from TBBT and ‘top up’ from the supermarket once they have seen what we provide.

Your first order will be free of charge, so try us out at no cost to you.

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